King Christian Hotel
View from the water of the King Christian Hotel

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History Comes Alive at our St Croix Hotel

The King Christian Hotel has been a center of trade and commerce for over 200 years. Originally used as a warehouse, the building has been a barracks for the Danish Gendarmes, headquarters for the Harbor Masters, and a haven for Sea Captains and other visiting sailors. Pictured here is King's Wharf, circa 1940, the center of trade on St. Croix in the Danish West Indies. The two story building in the background is the King Christian, along the Christiansted waterfront.

Legend Has it...

that ships' captains often accepted the dock master's hospitality in his quarters upstairs, above the warehouse. Here, the captain could enjoy fine hospitality and an evening in Christiansted town and still keep an eye on his boat.

Today's Hotel...

has undergone extensive renovations in the past ten years. The King Christian offers a full list of amenities including a newly refurbished pool and courtyard. As you look out over the balcony or out the window from your room, other historic buildings surround you. They comprise the Christiansted National Historic District.

Historic District...

Outside the door of the King Christian Hotel is the Christiansted National Historic Site, one of three National Park Service properties on St. Croix. The park consists of:

  • Fort Christianvaern, completed in 1749 and restored in the mid-1990's - open daily for tours
  • Customs House, where sailors were cleared for entry to the islands - open daily
  • Scale House, Steeple Building, Government House and a Visitors Center.

King Christian Hotel

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